Taste and curiosity about the pasta of the real Torinese

Do you want to learn the secrets of homemade pasta or simply taste the strong dishes of Piedmontese cuisine by a Master of Taste?

Turin boasts a culinary tradition in “stuffed pasta”, a real ritual. In our pasta factory the ancient recipe of the Cavour Agnolotti Piemontesi is produced with a fresh pasta made exclusively by hand, made with the use of the best seasonal ingredients, unique flavors that are remembered over time! We are recognized as “Masters of Taste” and we are part of “Slow Food”.

  • Where: Center of Turin, near Via Roma
  • Price: 10€
  • Minimum number of people: 1
  • Maximum number of people: 20

Experience description

You will be able to observe our gastronomes at work, but the journey of exceptional flavors does not end here! Because in addition to hosting the curious and telling the story of the different types of pasta you can taste the high quality of our fresh pasta yourself. You will stay with us and it will be a pleasure to offer you our three of a kind dish with tastings of handmade pasta.
To sweeten the palate then comes the sweet, always from the Piedmontese tradition.

What we offer and what to bring

Tris plate with samples of fresh handmade and sweet pasta


Indicate any food intolerances or allergies